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that night I called the number but there was no response, I was comely bummed out around I got a call from her number my heart was smashing and I didn't know what to say or anything she said howdy its me Shumi from the library I asked how did she know it was me she replied by telling ive never given my number to anyone random before so she automatically knew it was me we commenced chatting and I asked her how comes she gave her number and she said I witnessed you looking at me with those beady eyes and I know you worship what you view I laughed and said yes well I bear had my eyes on you since the firstever day of term when you wore initiate up pants inaugurate toe sandals and halftop she laughed and said you are observant then I said to her that she has a sexy bod and said your milk cans peep soo giant what size are they. I was in there for a while before the douche door opened and Rita came in, I couldnt watch her but I could hear the door Begin and noone else was there so it couldnt be anybody else.

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Id never indeed had a work crush before.
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